ALT_ESC Radio Is On Your Smart Speaker!

ALT_ESC Radio on smart speakers

There are now even more ways to listen to ALT_ESC Radio! After many requests, ALT_ESC Radio is now available on your Amazon Alexa or Google smart speaker! Now it’s even easier to listen while hanging out with friends, working from home, or just getting things done around the house! Here’s how to connect to ALT_ESC Radio on your smart speaker:

Amazon Alexa

You can now listen to your favorite classic alternative radio on your Amazon smart device with Alexa capabilities. That includes your Echo Dot, Echo Show, and other Amazon smart devices. (If you have an Echo Auto in your car, give it a try and let us know if you can listen in your car that way… we’re not buying one just to try it.)

Here’s how to activate the ALT_ESC Radio skill on your Alexa device:

  1. Wake up your Alexa device with your chosen wake word
  2. Say, “enable alt escape radio skill” (you should only have to do this the first time)
  3. ALT_ESC Radio should start playing
  4. For future listening, just say “play alt escape radio”.

Google Smart Devices

Google has a wide range of smart devices that you can use to listen to ALT_ESC Radio, like the Nest Mini, Nest Audio, and Nest Hub displays. When you want Kansas City’s Classic Alternative blasting through your home, your Google smart speakers can make that happen.

Here’s how to listen to ALT_ESC Radio on your Google device:

  1. Wake up your Google device by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”
  2. Say the following phrase: “ask alt escape radio to play” (be sure to speak clearly… my device had a little trouble with “alt escape”)
  3. That’s it! ALT_ESC Radio should be playing on your smart speaker.

There are many ways to access ALT_ESC Radio, and we’re always working on finding new ways for you to access your favorite classic alternative radio station. For more places to find us, check out our Listen page.