How to Listen to ALT_ESC Radio In Your Car!

How to listen to ALT_ESC Radio in your car

Update 6/28/22: The Live365 app now works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay! And frankly, no offense to Streema and their Simple Radio app, the Live365 app is the best way to listen in your car simply because it displays the title/artist of the song playing. So download the Live365 app if you haven’t already and add it to your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay home screen for easy access to ALT_ESC Radio in your car!

If you’ve ever been driving to work and thought, “Gee, I could really go for some classic alternative rock music right now! I sure wish there was a radio station I could listen to that only plays the best classic alternative from the 80s and 90s!” (and I know you have), well, you are in luck, my friend!

Because you can, in fact, listen to ALT_ESC Radio right through your car’s speakers! Assuming, that is, that your car stereo has an aux jack, Bluetooth, or Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. If you’re tooling around in a 1987 Honda Accord, sorry. I can’t help you.

Using an aux cable or Bluetooth connection, you can listen with the player on the home page or one of our streaming partners: Live365, Streema, or Streamitter. But if you want to use your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay system, you’re going to want to download Streema’s app, Simple Radio. Download them below:

Download the Simple Radio app from the Google Play Store
Download the Simple Radio app from the App Store
The Simple Radio app lets you listen to ALT_ESC Radio in your car!

Once you’ve got that on your phone, head into your Android Auto or CarPlay settings and make sure it’s activated in your launcher so it shows up on the screen in your car. Then open the app, search for “ALT_ESC Radio”, and hit the star next to it to add it to your favorites. And just like that, you can use the Simple Radio app and listen to ALT_ESC Radio in your car’s audio system! Now you don’t have to be bored, whether you’re sitting in a traffic jam on I-35 or on a road trip. ALT_ESC Radio will always be there with you!


  1. I have enabled the Live365 skill on Alexa. What do I need to ask for to access Alt_Esc on Alexa device?

    1. Hey David – Honestly, I haven’t figured that out yet. First of all, the Live365 skill isn’t very user friendly. It often has trouble finding the station I’m asking for. On top of that, the way this station name is written – ALT_ESC Radio – means that if you ask Alexa to play “alt escape radio”, it doesn’t recognize it. I hope to figure out a way to get it compatible with smart speakers at some point, and when I do, I’ll be sure to post about it.

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